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March 29 2017

http://www.benstrends.com/weslo-treadmill-review/Improve Your Treadmill Workouts With These 6 Muscle Stretching Tips

If you’re going to be using a treadmill to burn fat and lose weight, then you’ll want to make sure that muscle stretching is part of your workout routine. Stretching your muscles is important because it prevents injuries that could impede your performance.

Ideally, you will stretch right before you begin to walk on your treadmill and again afterwards. Stretching before and after your treadmill workout will help with your flexibility and will also help prevent injury.

Here are some muscle stretching tips to help improve flexibility and prevent injuries:

1. Don’t hurry. Make your movements during stretching slow and precise for the best results. Don’t hurry or your stretches will be sloppy and you won’t get the full benefit of stretching.

2. Don’t stretch until it hurts. Some people push their muscles to the point of pain, thinking that it provides a better stretch but that is not the case. Stretch as far as you can and stop just before the point of pain and hold it for 20-30 seconds.

3. Don’t bounce during your stretches. You may have seen many athletes on TV bouncing while they stretched their muscles. This can actually cause injury rather than prevent it. Instead, stretch to a position that is comfortable for your body and hold it for about 20-30 seconds.

4. Breathe through your stretches. Some people hold their breath during their stretch routines, but when you practice deep breathing exercises, it helps you perform a deeper stretch for your muscles.

5. Warm up your muscles before you stretch. Some people believe that stretching is the warm-up. But you should walk or jog for a few minutes to get the blood flowing and then begin to stretch.

6. After your workout, you can stretch after you take a warm bath or shower. The hot water will help relax your muscles, and the after workout stretch will feel good.

When it comes to muscle stretching and treadmill workouts, the most important muscles to stretch are not always your leg muscles. Of course it is important to stretch your calf muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings, but you also need to stretch her shoulders, abs, neck, and back. Believe it or not, walking on a treadmill provides a full body workout.

Don’t just bend over and hang, trying to touch your toes. Add some additional stretches, such as the splits, lunges, and calf stretches where you stand on the edge of a step or curb and drop your heels to the point right before it becomes uncomfortable.

Whenever you stretch, make your movements slow and precise for the best results. You want to keep some tension on the muscles to help them stretch, but never to the point where you’re in pain.

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